Destination Wedding Photography

So you’ve decided to get married abroad? That’s amazing. No doubt, one of your reasons for choosing to get married in another country or climate is to ensure that your wedding day experience is amazing.

Best Destination Wedding Photographer

It would be foolish to go to so much trouble organising your dream wedding in another country without considering your most important supplier, your photographer. After your wedding, when you come home, all you’ll have along with your memories is your wedding photography and album.

To go along with your destination wedding, ideally you need a destination wedding photographer.

From 2019, Shea Deighan will be making dates available specifically for destination weddings.

Dublin, Kildare & Westmeath Wedding Photographer

This includes all the usual popular destinations in Europe as well as selected weddings in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England which all have to be considered as destinations as well.

This service is for couples travelling abroad or for couples who live abroad seeking to use Shea as their wedding photographer.

Top 10 Wedding Photographers In Ireland

Choosing suppliers for your destination wedding can be tricky and unless you have a very experienced wedding coordinator who works with brilliant photographers, chances are you could be on thin ice in the hot sun of your destination wedding.

To enquire if Shea is available for your destination wedding, please get in touch to arrange a Skype call.