Wedding Photography By Shea Deighan

About Me And My Wedding Photography

Although progressing all the time, you could call my wedding photography style: Contemporary, Relaxed and Natural.

I really LOVE my job which shows and is reflected in my work. When I’m working during your wedding day, my thoughts are on making every single important moment of your wedding as beautiful as possible. For the entire time I spend with you on your magical day, all I care about is your happiness and your wedding photography. I don’t even bring my phone to weddings. I’m yours for the day and I have no distractions.

Wedding Photographer Northern Ireland

I learn everyones names so mostly refer to everyone by name and not the Groom or the Best Man! You’ll never hear me say: Best Man, stand next to the Groom. I’m more likely to say: Hi Sean, can you stand next to Michael and so on.

I like to think of myself as adding to your day. As photographer, I am very much an important figure during the event. When needed, I will make myself known to everyone but mostly I carry myself in a subtle manner. It’s your wedding day so I will be dressed for the occasion. I think this is important. Everyone else gets dressed up so I think I should too.

You’ll Love Me & My Work

I promise that you’ll like me and your guests will too. I get lots of new weddings from weddings I work at because guests like me and see me doing a great job. I have a great attitude and your day will be stress free. I’m experienced to know what works and what doesn’t. If you don’t get the weather you are expecting, don’t worry. Some of my best work happens on the worst days for weather.


Shea Deighan

October 2017


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